Where everything comes together.

Essays, deadlines, counselor meetings, college lists. Tracking and organizing every aspect of the application process can become complicated and time-consuming. We make it simple by bringing everything together through a single, accessible digital platform.
The WeLearn digital platform is designed to make your child’s path to their perfect-fit college easier. From keeping track of applications to staying connected with their team, organization and learning is always clear and simple.

Everything in one place

The WeLearn digital platform brings everything together. All of your child’s documents and essays will be saved in a safe and accessible place, no matter where they are. Counseling teams have shared access, allowing them to collaborate with ease.

Never miss anything

Counseling sessions are invaluable for students, but keeping track of every bit of feedback and advice can be tricky. All sessions are recorded through WeLearn. Students can revisit and review discussions and feedback whenever they choose.

Live communication & notifications

We enable live communications between students and their support team. All interactions take place within WeLearn, be it a seamless video call or a quick update message. A notification is sent whenever a counselor makes a suggestion, which means tracking feedback and organizing documents is straightforward.

Organize college research
 with ease

As students’ college lists grow, so does the amount of research and information they need to manage. With WeLearn, all research happens in a single, accessible, easy to organize space.

Meet every deadline

With so many deadlines, it’s easy for busy students to lose track of them. We make tracking deadlines simple and less stressful. Students receive notifications when an application’s due date is approaching, as well as reminders of upcoming counseling sessions and submissions.

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