Apply to be a WeAdmit Head Counselor.

WeAdmit offers seamless online admissions consulting to aspiring college students.

Partnering with WeAdmit is an opportunity to fill out your client capacity. Spend less time on marketing and more time on what you do best: counseling.

As a WeAdmit Head Counselor, you will assist high school juniors and seniors with every aspect of their college applications. You will guide students to explore their passions and academic interests, help them develop their college list, edit their essays, and more.

In our team-based model, a College Coach (current college student) will partner with you to motivate the student and keep them on track throughout the program.

This position is fully remote!

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On average, you will meet with each client about 1x/month in the low season (Jan.-July) and 2x/month in the high season (Aug.-Dec.). During high season, you will also spend a few hours per month editing each client’s essays.

Can you commit to working with assigned clients from now through January 2024? *

Our Head Counselors support high schoolers from their Junior Spring through their Senior Fall when the college application process completes.

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For example: sports recruiting, handling special financial situations (e.g., separated/single parents), need-based admissions programs, extensive scholarship experience, BS/MD programs, etc.

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List all college acceptances your clients have received and the years of those admissions, if you have that info readily available.

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