We guide students through the complexities of college admissions, all the way to their perfect-fit college and beyond.

With programs that are personalized to the individual, we’re here to help your child achieve their goals and discover their true passions.

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Our unique programs are personalized to the individual, designed with the aim of teaching life-long lessons that will take candidates to their perfect-fit college and beyond.

Accepted to target school
Higher acceptance to reach schools
Average merit aid per student


We help students plot their personal path to college through unique and empowering programs.

Our online service is built around your child: their needs, their passions, and their objectives. What do they want? Where do they want to go? The path to their perfect-fit college is a rewarding journey. Our programs not only teach them to write winning applications, they will also help them gain a deeper understanding of who they are and what they truly want.

We help them discover the road to achieving their goals.

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We are the only counseling service that provides counselor support on demand.

Our service puts a personalized team of counselors in the candidate’s corner, drawn from a nationwide talent pool. Each team member is selected based on the individual’s needs and objectives: a head counselor with years of knowledge, a student mentor from their target college, and a financial aid counselor to help them discover the right funding option.

Landing a place at the perfect-fit college starts with a winning team.

It's all about the result.

Through their counseling team, your child will learn how to craft top quality essays and applications. They can call on their team at any time for coaching and unlimited revisions.

Our best-in-class digital platform, WeLearn, brings together and manages every aspect of the application process, so students are always up to speed and moving forward.

Success for us means students turning passion and purpose into a place at their perfect-fit college. That’s what matters most to us. It’s our legacy. It’s your child’s future.

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Get the highest-quality college admissions advice and personal coaching, at an affordable price.

Find the ideal program to guide your child to their perfect-fit college and beyond.


The complete program: end-to-end learning, a personalized counseling team, uncapped revisions, and much more.
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The core program: all of the essentials and a personalized counseling team.
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The group-learning program: the essentials, taught in a virtual classroom environment.
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