WeAdmit friend referral program.

Get $250, Give $250
If you don’t already know, WeAdmit guides your child through the complexity of college admissions, helps them discover their true passions, and achieves their goals. We strive for building a strong community by welcoming newcomers from those who are already in-the-know of the true value of our program.

Referral Program.

Finding your passion isn’t just about careers and money. It’s about finding your authentic self. The one you’ve buried beneath other people’s needs.

— Kristin Hannah

I’m an existing /
past client

Thank you for trusting WeAdmit and spreading the word about us! We highly appreciate your effort to bring your friends into our community. Anytime a friend you referred signs up, you’ll earn an Amazon e-gift card!

Talk to your friend about how WeAdmit has helped you. Then, send the following URL to them:


Have your friend list you in the Referrer Name box when they submit a 30-min free counseling session request form.


Your friend will receive a discount when they register for one of our programs.


You will receive an Amazon e-gift card within 14 business days of your friend’s Money Back Guarantee period end date. You’ll earn a $250 e-gift card if your friend signs up for any of our private college admissions counseling programs, $50 for group program registrations.

I’m a prospective

As a valued friend of a WeAdmit client, you’re eligible to receive 10% off  any of our counseling programs. Welcome to the WeAdmit Community!

Book a free, thirty-minute counseling session. When you submit the free counseling session form, put your friend’s full name in the “Referrer Name“ section.


Your Onboarding Specialist will set up your counseling session! Once the session is over you’ll get a registration link along with a unique coupon code from us to begin the program. You will see a 10% discount on any program of your choice.


Complete the registration process and get started. You’re all set!

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