How Students Can Maintain Their GPA In the Age of COVID-19

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September 29, 2020
Covid-19 Has Impacted Students’ Lives In Many Different Ways...

Most concerningly, many students are struggling to maintain their GPA during distanced learning. Thankfully, there are a variety of resources online that students can use to stay on track. In this article, we cover five of the most useful online resources for students facing the challenges of distance learning during the coronavirus pandemic.

The New Age Of Distance Learning And COVID-19

Many students have recently found themselves struggling to adapt to distance learning. Due to COVID-19, students across the world are left trying to fill in the gaps of their own education that were once filled by in-person resources and counselors. Some of the challenges faced during distance learning include:

  • Lack of proper resources
  • Loss of an academic support network
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Poor internet connection/tech issues
  • Less structure and planning
  • Disruption of a normal routine

These challenges are difficult for students to adapt to, but if they can find a way, they will thrive through the age of distanced learning and into college. With the proper support, it is possible for students to maintain or even raise their GPA during the coronavirus.

Yet, due to the limitations of online learning, there are often not enough counselors or support staff for each school. Without the help of in-person tutors and counselors, some students find their GPA dropping beyond their control. Thankfully, companies are beginning to adapt by offering online counseling and tutoring experiences.

The 5 Best Online Learning Resources For Students


Khan Academy is a free education platform designed to provide lessons that include video, step by step instructions, and examples to anyone around the world. Here students can learn more about topics they may currently be struggling with in distance learning, such as math or history. In addition, Khan Academy has an entire section dedicated to college admissions.

Khan Academy is a great resource for students who are both falling behind and those who would like to get ahead and prepare themselves for future classes. The combination of video, audio, and text lessons helps keep students engaged and focused.


With well over 100,000 different courses, Udemy is an online platform where students can sign up for lessons in everything ranging from basic coding skills to comprehensive overviews of the history of the United States. While most Udemy courses are designed for young adults and working professionals, teens can still find plenty of courses geared toward subjects they’re already studying in school.

For students looking to gain insight into the subjects where their GPA is falling behind, Udemy courses are a great option. While many of the courses come with a one-time fee, there is a 30-day guarantee which means your student will have time to complete the course and still be refunded if it doesn’t help them gain a clearer understanding of the subject.


Lifehack offers a small selection of classes aimed at helping people conquer their procrastination and set themselves up with productive habits for life. If your student’s GPA is slipping due to an inability to focus on school during these challenging times, these courses provide the toolbox they’ll need to create change. These courses are also fantastic for students looking beyond their grades to add soft skills that colleges love in applicants.

Several of Lifehack’s Fast Track courses are free and cover a range of skills from creating your own internal motivation and setting goals to strategies that help you study smarter. These skills will help your student maintain their GPA during the coronavirus and beyond, especially as they enter their college years.


Some students find that their GPA begins to suffer when they feel a lack of challenge  or find themselves bored. Thankfully, Harvard (like many other Ivies including Yale and Stanford) offers a small selection of free online courses that students can use to prepare for college. While the variety of courses and material available on each college’s site will be narrow, if students browse several they are sure to find classes that stimulate them intellectually.

Additionally, Harvard offers select courses that can be used toward certification. These courses can not only help broaden your student’s skill set, but serve as a way to explore potential career options when distanced learning begins to feel like a chore rather than an academically stimulating venture.


Last but not least, we have WeAdmit. Not only do our WeAdmit counselors take a personalized approach to helping students tackle college admissions, but we’ve also gathered an array of knowledge together on our blog and in our eBooks to help your student prepare themselves academically. Our holistic approach to helping your child prepare for college starts with a strong foundation and expert guidance.

Best of all, we go beyond just looking over your child’s college applications, and instead take an interest in their entire education. We offer help with college essays, selecting the best classes to highlight their talents, and even offer the support they need to maintain their GPA during distanced learning.

Maintaining GPA Doesn’t Need To Be Stressful

While we are all facing more stress due to the coronavirus, restrictions, and distance learning, it is possible to stay on track academically. Maintaining your GPA can be an achievable goal with the proper support system, counselor relationship, and access to online resources. By helping your student shift their frame of mind from the challenges of distanced learning to the bounty of information available on the web, you can help them thrive.

For students who are struggling to come up with a plan suited to their challenges and college needs, our WeAdmit counselors are eager to help. We’ll work with your student to determine what they’re looking for in a dream college and how we can help them get there, from writing the perfect essay to enrolling in the right classes to showcase on their application.



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