5 Ways to Take Advantage of Free College Prep Resources

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August 11, 2020
The COVID-19 Outbreak Has Caused Unexpected School Closures And A Rapid Transition To Online Learning...

With everyone working from home, students preparing for college may be at a loss for finding college prep resources. Before the coronavirus, many high schools offered an entire course dedicated to college prep which included study tools for the SATs, tactics for filling out applications, and connections to college fairs and alumni.

Because the new restrictions caused by COVID-19 are being shared on a global level, these resources have transitioned to the online world as well, making college prep even more free and accessible than it was before. We all had to transition to online classes and Zoom meetings; it’s only fair that student’s college prep resources transitioned too!

Keep reading to find out how your child can take advantage of these free college prep resources as early as today, so they can stay on track and start college on a strong note.

The Many College Prep Resources Available

Today, the amount of college prep resources available online is astounding. What’s even better is that most of these resources are now accessible for free, due to coronavirus-related restrictions.

It’s not only important for students to take advantage of these free resources; it’s equally important that you, the parent, also take initiative and help your child find the correct online tools that will best help them succeed in preparing for college.

Some of these free resources may include online study tools like flashcards, note-taking software, study timers, study guide generators, and memorization games. Students can even find more college-related resources like virtual tours of colleges, free video chats with admission counselors, and open forums for asking alumni and current college students questions about the college admission process.

The information your child needs is out there; all they have to do is use the resources that work best for them during this difficult time.

5 Ways To Take Advantage Of These Free College Resources

So, how can your child take advantage of these free college resources?

It all starts with establishing goals and working on them a little bit every day..

Whether your child is preparing to apply for college or they’re about to attend college, these free college resources will help them maintain their grades, improve their college applications, and increase their chances of getting into college.

Until schools open their campuses again, students have more than enough opportunities to maintain good study habits, prepare to transition to campus life, keep their minds and bodies healthy, and even collaborate with other students all around the world.


Before the coronavirus, a common problem among students preparing to go to college was the three month break between graduating high school and beginning college in the fall. During the summer, students found that it was incredibly easy to lose their good study habits, because they lost their momentum.

Now that colleges are transitioning to remote work, students beginning school in the fall may feel like online classes are just a continuation of their summer break.

Instead, students should look ahead at the classes they will be taking in the fall and use free online resources to slowly introduce themselves to these topics. Free college resources like Quizlet, GoConqr, and Evernote help students create flashcard study sets, learn about effective note-taking techniques, and even memorization methods. Students can either use some high school materials to get started or work ahead and start learning the basics for their future college courses.

Other resources that will help students maintain good study habits are Khan Academy, where they can watch free videos of tutors breaking down advanced concepts in over 30 high school and college courses, and Marinara Timer, a productivity tool that uses the effective 25 minutes on, 5 minutes off approach to studying.


Collaboration with other students is a whole world of its own when it comes to working in a college setting. Students are usually surprised when they realize the amount of collaboration they are asked to do in their college courses, so the more your child can get used to sharing ideas and adjusting their approach to group projects, the better!

The free online resource StudyBlue helps students with their collaboration skills by connecting them with other students who share the same interests and goals. Once connected, students from all over the world can begin collaborating on ideas, projects, and even shared assignments if they’re attending the same college in the fall.


One of the greatest joys for students when they’re preparing for college is visiting the campus that will be their home for the next four years. Unfortunately, the coronavirus outbreak has made these visits impossible for the most part. Thankfully, many colleges have provided free, virtual tours of their campuses online so students can see where they will eventually get to live.

Students can virtually tour the main common areas, cafeterias, and even the dorm rooms too!


Maintaining a routine of health and fitness is much easier when students are sticking to a schedule. When they have scheduled classes and meetings, they can also pencil in a gym visit or sports practice two or three times a week while they’re at it. COVID-19 has spurred many gym closures as well, and working out at home isn’t exactly ideal if students enjoy their gym community.

Still, regular exercise and a healthy diet are extremely important for a student’s college prep experience, because it directly affects their mental health and ultimately their performance on their college applications. Students should take advantage of free, online health services like at-home workouts on YouTube, free yoga apps like DownDog, and helpful guides through customizable meditations like Headspace and Calm.


Lastly, one of the main resources that students can use to help them prepare for college are online essay-writing platforms. SoftMaker Office is a free alternative to Microsoft Office that students can use to write their college essays. Free editing software like Grammarly is super easy to use too; students can copy and paste their essays into the platform, and Grammarly automatically detects issues like grammar or spelling errors, run-on sentences, and even specific errors like repetitiveness.

The Benefit Of Free College Prep Resources

Staying on top of schoolwork during COVID-19 doesn’t have to be difficult! Now more than ever with the transition to online platforms, students have free access to free college resources that can help them maintain their study habits, improve their chances of getting into college, or simply get ready for the college environment.

As always, WeAdmit’s professional counselors are experts at operating remotely, and they’re standing by 24/7 to help your child with any of their college prep needs. Not only that, but we’re also hosting a regular webinar dedicated to helping you navigate the world of college amid COVID-19. If you’d like to sign up for this free webinar, click the link below!



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