What Does it Take to Get into Wellesley College?

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May 14, 2020
If You’re Looking For An All-Encompassing Liberal Arts College Experience, Then You’ve Come To The Right Place...

Wellesley College near Boston, Massachusetts, is one of the world’s leading women’s colleges steeped in historical value, community service, and offering an all-encompassing liberal arts education. It’s small size allows for accessible professors, a good blend of specific and general student activity groups, and all in the heart of one of the most historically rich cities in the U.S.

If you’re ready to start your application, keep reading to find out how to get into Wellesley College using specific, personalized tactics that will show them that this really is the ideal college for you!

What You’ll Find In This College Guide

Wellesley College's Ideal Student

The average GPA and standardized test scores for incoming Wellesley College freshmen are:

  • GPA: 3.86
  • SAT: 1430
  • ACT: 32

Wellesley College attracts students who thrive in a challenging academic setting. Aside from getting grades in the A range, you’ll want to share your diverse extracurricular experiences with them, too. Out of all the liberal arts colleges in the U.S., Wellesley is ranked #11 and they’re among the top 40 for private universities. At Wellesley, you’ll graduate with a functional and foundational education that can apply to nearly every career field you could find yourself in.


Wellesley College admissions reviews applications holistically, like most colleges. However, what makes them different is that through this holistic review, they’re looking for a story; specifically your story.

Admission officers are always looking for what makes every applicant interesting and a valuable addition to their campus. This isn’t a free invitation to pretend to be someone else in order to convince them that you’re interesting. Just by being yourself, you’re already interesting! Be genuine and authentic, and don’t overthink it, and you’ll already succeed at telling them your story.

  • What do you think makes you unique from other applicants?
  • What’s a big life event that has shaped who you are today?
  • How can you include details like this into your application?


Everyone has that one little thing that makes them tick. Whether it be their life-long passion or a small hobby, let Wellesley see into your everyday life. Share your long-term and short-term goals, and don’t be afraid to include deeper topics like worldview or political perspectives too.

  • What is a societal issue that inspires you to create positive change?
  • How do you plan on combining your passions with serving others?


Now you can really dig into your passion. To Wellesley, your passion usually goes hand-in-hand with what you think your purpose is. To find it, all you have to do is combine the thing that brings you the most joy and marry it with what you believe your purpose is.

  • What does Wellesley have that will help you grow in your passion?
  • How do you plan on using your passion at Wellesley?


Lastly, Wellesley admissions understands that you’re more than just a student. You’re also a person that has a life outside the classroom, so don’t be afraid to show them that part of you!

  • Do you have any goals that have nothing to do with school?
  • What’s a casual activity you enjoy where you don’t feel any pressure to be great?


Wellesley College is ranked the second best Women’s College in America, right behind Barnard College in New York. These are some of their top-ranking programs in the nation:


To ensure that you’re submitting your best application to Wellesley College, remember that they’re looking for the real you, so don’t be shy! Don’t hold back from sharing your sense of humor, your hopes and dreams, and even the failures that have taught you big lessons along the way.  

Wellesley College admissions is looking for hardworking and dedicated students as well as transparent individuals who want to be a part of Wellesley College’s campus culture. Know your strengths and weaknesses, be open and honest, and you’ll nail the combination that makes for Wellesley College’s ideal student.

What You Need To Get Accepted Into Wellesley

Wellesley’s requirements reflect their challenging curriculum. Students who are seeking admission to Wellesley College should have an average of A grades in their high school classes. In 2019, 1,296 students were accepted out of 6,631 applications. While making your application stand out is the goal, don’t forget to keep track of Wellesley College’s requirements and deadlines.


To begin your Wellesley College application, you can use any of the following application platforms:

Before you begin filling out the basic information portion of the application, you’ll need to specify the priority deadline you prefer. If you need help figuring out if early action or early decision is right for you, check out how they can give your application a nice boost.


For your Wellesley application, you’ll need to write two essays: a personal statement and a Wellesley-specific essay.

Your personal statement should be between 250 and 650 words, and you’ll have several different prompts to choose from depending on your application platform. The Wellesley-specific essay has one prompt, and should answer the “why” behind your decision to apply to Wellesley.


Wellesley College admissions considers several components of your high school records when reviewing your application, so they should be submitted together:

  • Two teacher evaluations
  • School report
  • Official transcripts

For your teacher evaluations, be sure to choose two teachers that have gotten to know you personally. The evaluations they write for you should cover classroom performance, moral character, and how you work with other students.

Next, you’ll need to ask your counselor to fill out the School Report, which is basically a documentation of your current grades in classes. To round out your credentials, obtain your official transcripts from your counselor to provide Wellesley College admissions with a better understanding of your academic performance.


Wellesley College admissions requires you to submit either SAT or ACT scores, but they do not require the Writing Supplement for either test. It’s up to you whether you’d like to self-report your scores or have the College Board automatically send them after you submit your test.


As an applicant, you have the option to include supplemental materials in your application that will give Wellesley College admissions a better idea of your wheelhouse. Students who are interested in the arts, music, or theater departments of Wellesley College can include an artistic supplement in the form of portfolios, recordings, or presentations showcasing your work.

Student athletes may submit a recruiting form to Wellesley athletics if you’re interested in participating in their Division III athletics program.


Wellesley College’s application fee is $50, and fee waivers can be requested through your application platform or your counselor. Keep an eye out for these key deadlines:

  • Early Decision I: November 1st
  • Early Decision II: January 1st
  • Regular Decision: January 8th


If you pay attention to Wellesley College’s requirements and deadlines and focus on showcasing what they’re looking for, you’ll be submitting a fantastic application. Remember that Wellesley wants to read your application. With each application they receive, they’re hoping that they’re building the strongest possible class that will call Wellesley, Massachusetts home for the next four years.

Let your natural voice shine through your essays, be honest about your experiences, and tell them about everything you hope to experience at Wellesley College!

Wellesley's Campus Life

Wellesely, Massachusetts is a quiet little town in eastern Massachusetts, about 30 minutes west of Boston. There are three colleges in Wellesley, which makes it the perfect town for college students. With its close location to Boston, you’ll have no problem finding fun things to do on weekends or finding part-time jobs and future career opportunities. When you’re not visiting Boston, you’ll feel at home inside Wellesley College’s peaceful campus.


At Wellesley College, you’ll find over 180 student organizations ranging from meditation and politics to groups that are completely focused on having fun. The student groups at Wellesley are non-discriminatory and are always looking for new members, so when you arrive on campus, check out the student fair and join a club!

Wellesley’s administration believes this is the best way for students to get plugged in quickly and start building their closest circle of friends, so don’t miss out on these opportunities.


Wellesley College Athletics boasts one of the top recruiting programs and team sports offerings among U.S. women’s colleges. If you’re a prospective student athlete, you can begin filling out your recruitment form online and research their 13 team sports.

If playing competitively isn’t your forte, you can still enjoy your favorite activity by participating in Wellesley’s club sports program.


Wellesley’s small campus doesn’t stop them from offering a variety of housing options; as a student there, you’ll have 16 residence halls to choose from, all ranging in style, vibe, and amenities. Each dormitory has a Resident Assistant and Community Director that work hand-in-hand to plan outings and meals, and serve as mentors for each student living in their building.

Wellesley’s dining program is functional and simple, but it’s also just cool! Students have 10 dining locations to choose from, and they all offer different foods, depending on your cravings or schedule. You can stop by The Emporium for a quick coffee, El Table for a gourmet sandwich, or any of their larger dining halls at any time during the day. Also, with the Wellesley dining plan, you can eat as much as you want all day, every day. On the evenings, you can go to Punch’s Alley with your roommates as well, the student-run pub that’s famous on campus for its live music and dance parties.


In addition to their long list of student organizations, Wellesley College has an entire category dedicated to student’s special interests. Here, you can find specific organizations focused on activities like fashion, astronomy, farming, photography, a radio station, and even anime.

From Application To Career: What You'll Experience At Wellesley

The people at Wellesley love their campus and they can’t wait for you to join them! Every year, Wellesley receives thousands of applications from talented and driven students who can’t picture themselves going anywhere else for their degree.

From the get go, Wellesley College admissions has the chance to get to know who you are through your application. Then, as you grow on campus and start to transition into the professional workplace, Wellesley has your back. So start strong and show them that you belong there!


On your Wellesley application, being your unique self is key. Be open and honest about your experiences in the past and your hopes for the future. Highlight for Wellesley admissions why you chose them, how they can help you achieve your goals, and why no other college matches up to what they offer.


Just like in your application, use your own voice in your essay. Choose the essay prompt that sticks out to you the most, and that makes you the most excited to write. Use your sense of humor and get creative! Remember, Wellesley College admissions officers read hundreds of essays each week, so make yours stand out!


While you’re living in Wellesley, take advantage of each and every opportunity, both on and off campus. You’ll have no problem finding a fun club or sports team to hang out with on weekends, go to fun dining halls, or hang out in eclectic dorms.

Don’t forget to spend some time in Boston, too. Not only is it culturally and historically rich, but connections from this hub could land you some great internships or jobs in the future.


Wellesley’s career center focuses on helping their students transition from the college world to the career world. Whether you need cover letters polished or help finding summer internships, the career center has you covered.

Some of Wellesley’s most notable alumni include journalist Diane Sawyer and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In 2019:

  • 75 percent of students had a job secured at graduation
  • 18 percent were enrolled in graduate school
  • Students had a starting salary of $62K

Your Future At Wellesley College

The bottom line is, you’re in good hands at Wellesley College. Start off on the right note and submit an application that’s uniquely yours!

If you get stuck at any point along the way, reach out to any of WeAdmit’s professional counselors to get personalized help on your Wellesley application. We can answer any questions you may have about the admissions process and help you craft an application that’s unique to you.

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