What Does it Take to Get Into the University of Texas at Austin?

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July 30, 2020
Many Students Are Eager To Study At The Beautiful Campus Known As The Forty Acres...

Whether your student is attracted to the bountiful resources and courses or the life of a Longhorn, UT Austin is a sensible choice for building an educational foundation. In this article, we cover the ins and outs of the UT Austin application and what your student can expect from life at the university.

What You’ll Find In This Article

University Of Texas At Austin's Ideal Student

There are many reasons that make being a Texas Longhorn desirable, yet UT at Austin maintains a 38% acceptance rate, meaning that admissions are competitive - though not at the level of many comparable private schools. In order for students to have the best chance of attending UT at Austin, their academic scores should fall in line with those of the average admitted freshman:

  • SAT: 1230 - 1480
  • ACT: 27 - 33

As with the city of Austin itself, UT Austin is vibrant and diverse, which is part of the Longhorn experience that many alumni rave about. While each student’s unique background and perspective brings life to campus, there is still a core set of values that hold the student body together. Across campus, you’ll find students displaying the following traits in their everyday life; if a student naturally holds these values as important, they’ll find themselves a great fit for UT Austin.


An ambitious student will find themselves in like-minded company across the UT Austin campus. However, a student should show more than just academic ambition if they want to increase their chances of admission into this competitive university. Encourage your student to pursue their passions with just as much ambition as they approach their academics.

  • What drives your student to go above and beyond? How can this be highlighted in their application or essay?
  • What achievements can your student reference to prove their ambition?


Dedication at UT Austin goes beyond focusing in the classroom. Students are encouraged to dedicate themselves to their passions, their communities, their peers, and their own personal growth. For students who can dedicate themselves fully to a task, UT Austin will provide the resources, community, and culture to take their skills to the next level.

  • How has your student displayed a track record of dedication in high school?
  • What types of programs or organizations is your student excited to dedicate themselves to at UT Austin?
  • Ask your student to describe a time when they dedicated themselves to a cause or task, even if it wasn’t popular or ‘cool’.


At UT Austin, a sense of civic and community duty brings students together and helps build the community. From activism to political debate, students are encouraged to grow into responsible citizens who care for and serve their communities.

  • How has your student participated in civic life or community service during high school?
  • Does your student have a special cause close to their heart? Why is it special, and how can you highlight their works toward this cause in their application?


As the flagship school of the University of Texas system, UT Austin is known for its high-quality programs and an extensive list of majors. The most popular majors include business and biology, however, there is a wide variety of options for every type of student. The most acclaimed and popular majors include:

  • Business (Ranked 8th)
  • Physical Therapy (Ranked 10th)
  • Accounting and Finance (Ranked 12th)
  • Physics (Ranked 23rd)


Overall, because UT Austin is as vibrant and diverse as the city surrounding it, there is no one type of ideal student for the university. Yet while each student is encouraged to bring their unique perspective to campus, serious dedication to academics, community, and personal growth are shared by the student body. These ideals help lift up each individual student and the community as a whole. As such, competition in the application process is high, and a student should carefully review everything they need on their application to increase their chances of admission.

What You Need To Get Accepted Into UT Austin


Students applying to UT Austin or any other University of Texas campus can apply using either the ApplyTexas online application or the Coalition Application. These forms are designed to make it easier for students to apply to college. However, it’s still essential that your student starts their application with plenty of time left before their deadlines in order to give themselves breathing room to gather information and perfect their application.

Applications for the summer and fall semesters open on August 1st and applications for the spring semester opens no later than March 1st every year.


Students are required to submit their official high school transcripts along with their ACT and/or SAT scores. These academic scores will play a large role in their chances of admission, so students with a low GPA going into their junior and senior years should do everything they can to raise their GPA to increase their chances of attending UT Austin.


Applicants to UT Austin are required to submit one essay as well as answer several short response questions. All of a student’s responses will be sent through either the ApplyTexas app or the Coalition app.

For the summer and fall of 2021, students are given an essay prompt in which they are asked to tell their story. With such a broad topic, it’s important for students to write with a focus on the most important aspects of their personal story, rather than try to fit as many details about themselves as possible.


The standard application fee is $75 ($90 for international students), but there are waivers available for students who qualify.

University Of Texas At Austin's Campus Life


Nicknamed “the Forty Acres” due to the original size of the university, UT Austin has grown to encompass nearly 1,500 acres in central and north Austin. A central focus-point on campus is the breathtaking Beaux-Arts Main Building and its tower, home to the largest belfry tower bells in Texas that students play several times each day. In addition to the expansive resource, learning, and performing arts buildings, the campus boasts seven museums and nine libraries.


With over 40 different chapters for students to join, Greek life at UT Austin allows students to thrive, grow personally, and make lifelong connections. The mission of Greek life at UT Austin to support future leaders, encourage community participation, and provide students with lasting experiences and memories.


With fourteen different residence halls and on-campus housing that can hold more than 7,000 students, UT Austin’s campus housing feels just as vibrant and welcoming as the city of Austin itself. Due to the sheer size of the university’s undergrad enrollment, many students live in private residence halls, off-campus housing, or in Greek housing after their first year. Food-wise, students not only have the cuisine of Austin within reach but many affordable and plentiful options on-campus as well. And while campus may be expansive, there are plenty of sidewalks, biking paths, bus routes, and parking spaces to make getting around a breeze.


Ranked 9th in Division 1 college sports, the UT Longhorns are known for the quality and variety of their athletic programs. The men’s varsity baseball team is one of the most renowned in the country; the basketball and football programs are also very well-known and competitive in their divisions.

Organization wise, students have over 1,000 different ways to get involved outside of the classroom. From debate and dance club to political groups, community organizing, and activist movements there is a group interested in something for every type of student.

From Application To Career: What You'll Experience At UT Austin


Applying via the ApplyTexas or Coalition App allows students to take their time and edit their application multiple times until they are satisfied with it. Encourage your student to start filling out their application as early as possible. The more time they allow themselves to make changes, the more confidence they will have that they’ve given themselves the best chance of their application standing out during the admission process.


Since the UT Austin essay prompt is so broad (just “tell your story”) students must narrow the focus of their essay using their own judgment. A good essay isn’t just a repeat of a student’s achievements and grades, but it can be mentioned to provide proof of a student’s challenges, successes, and goals. Remind your student to use strong language, make their essay specific to UT Austin, and edit it for clarity before sending it in.


While studying at UT Austin, students will learn more about themselves and the world around them while surrounded by peers who share their positive energy. From expansive lecture halls and libraries to quiet dorms and coffee shops, students will be able to find places across campus where they feel at home, focused, and ready to learn. Beyond the classroom, they will experience once-in-a-lifetime social scenes, artistic performances, and the lifestyle of an Austin resident.


UT Austin boasts an impressive alumni list that your student will join, including names like former First Lady Laura Bush, actor Matthew McConaughey, and even the inventor of Gatorade, Dr. Robert Cade. In addition, 75% of graduates find employment after college, which is higher than the national average.

Your Future At The University Of Texas At Austin

Students who choose to become Longhorns do so for a variety of reasons, yet no matter what draws your student to apply to UT Austin, they will face stiff competition. Due to the beautiful and vibrant location, high-quality education, and the fierce Texas school pride, there are far more students interested in attending than the school could ever admit.

However, there are ways that a student can increase their chances of being admitted to UT Austin. By learning how to properly arrange their application, perfect their essay, and demonstrate interest students can put more effort into their admissions than merely sending an application.

If you’d like to help your student take additional steps to secure their future, please reach out to our WeAdmit counselors to schedule a meeting. We know what it takes to perfect a college application and tailor it for any school - UT Austin included. Our team of experts is driven to help students realize their dreams and work hard toward getting into college!



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