What Does it Take to Get Into Middlebury College?

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June 18, 2020
With A Rich History And A Tailored Approach To The Liberal Arts, Getting Into Middlebury College Is Highly Competitive…

However, your child can take steps to strengthen their application to Middlebury College. This well-known and competitive college provides an education on-par with Ivy Leagues, combined with a beautiful location and rich history.

For students eager to attend a liberal arts college and take in the experience of it all, Middlebury is often a top choice. Due to this, the ideal student for Middlebury can vary wildly depending on who you ask. In this article, we’ll cover what your child can do to showcase all the reasons why they’d be an ideal student at this prestigious school.

What You’ll Find In This Article

Middlebury's Ideal Student

The vibrancy and life of Middlebury’s student body are due to the mix of young adults from around the world eager to become the next generation of leaders, innovators, and educators. The unique liberal arts experience available at Middlebury College is highly sought after, and because of this admissions are very selective.

In order for your student to have the best chances of admission, their academic scores should fall somewhere around the average for incoming Middlebury students:

  • GPA: 3.9
  • ACT: 31 - 34
  • SAT: 1330 - 1500

Middlebury believes that a liberal arts education goes beyond the classroom and they’ve worked to create an environment where students can thrive. While the school prides itself on its diverse community of students and staff, they all share a common set of values that drive them to dedicate themselves to education at Middlebury.


Students from around the world come to study in the thriving Champlain Valley, and every one of these students is engaged in furthering their own future and the world around them. The ideal Middlebury student is one who knows that part of the beauty of a liberal arts education is the experience. These students are engaged in their lessons, their extracurricular activities, and the success of their school and their peers.

  • How has your child displayed engagement throughout high school?
  • What draws your child toward a unique liberal arts education rather than a community college, trade school, or traditional four year college?


At Middlebury, students are encouraged to think beyond themselves. The school has a commitment to educating and working with the next generation of leaders and innovators focused on giving back to the world around them. To this goal, Middlebury achieved carbon neutral status across campus in 2016.

  • How has your child worked to help their school or community move toward sustainability?
  • Is there a record of volunteer effort or extracurricular involvement that shows your child’s commitment to making a difference?


More than anything else, students who choose to attend Middlebury are curious. Because of the selective admission rate, only the students who choose to go above and beyond the basic requirements of high school have a chance of being accepted into Middlebury. If your child is the type of student to always ask “why”, they might be an ideal student.

  • Where has your child chosen to put their academic effort? What areas of study excite them?
  • How has your child showcased their natural curiosity throughout high school?


Known for their innovative approach to education inside and outside the classroom, Middlebury prides itself on a high standard for all of its programs. Students are challenged every day to do and be better than the day before. This spirit of experience drives students in every major to excel.

Some of Middlebury’s most notable majors include:

  • Environmental Science (Ranked 8th nationwide)
  • Performing Arts (Ranked 17th)
  • International Relations (Ranked 22nd)
  • Political Science (Ranked 31st)


Overall, there is no one ideal student for Middlebury College. The diversity of the student body that gets to enjoy the array of experiences available in one of the most breathtaking parts of Vermont is a point the school prides itself on. However, a good candidate is a student who shows a natural curiosity and willingness to challenge themselves. This type of student will excel both in high school, their application, and their future at Middlebury!

What You Need To Get Accepted Into Middlebury


Middlebury accepts both the Common Application and the Coalition Application. These entirely web-based application portals are designed to make life easier for both students and colleges. Which application your child should use will depend on which schools they’re applying to, but it can help to become familiar with both applications.

There are two important deadlines for prospective Middlebury students. The early decision deadline is November 1st, while the regular decision deadline is January 1st.


Students are required to have their guidance counselor submit an official record of their transcripts. Starting for students enrolling for the Fall semester of 2020, ACT and SAT reporting will be optional for students. However, it is still recommended that students submit these scores.


Students are required to complete one essay. Your child can find the list of potential essay topics within the Common App or Coalition App, where they will also upload their response. Make sure they know how to write a solid college application essay in order to increase their chances of being accepted.


Because teachers are often asked to submit many different letters of recommendation, it’s essential that your child ask their teachers for recommendations as soon as possible. These recommendations can offer Middlebury an inside look at what your child is really like as a student. Your child will need two teacher recommendations for their Middlebury application.


Students are required to submit a non-refundable $60 application fee. However, students can request a fee waiver if needed.

Middlebury's Campus Life


Located in the beauty and grand nature of the Champlain Valley, Middlebury’s campus will begin to feel like a home away from home for many students from day one.

From the breathtaking nature surrounding campus to the classic liberal arts architecture, students will be surrounded by excellence and the inspiration they need to succeed. With classrooms designed for hands-on learning just as much as lectures, students will get to explore every nook of campus before they graduate, learning something new every day.


At Middlebury, housing offers more than just a place to unwind after class. Students get to experience and enjoy community living first hand in any one of the campus’ numerous residence halls. Your child will find their hub at the McCullough Student Center, but they’ll find their home away from home within their residence hall.

Many students choose to bring a car or bike, but the campus is walkable and full of plenty of places to eat. From sushi to convenience food to the traditional campus dining hall, students have plenty of options to expand their horizons.


Students can represent Middlebury in a variety of sports, from golf to football, getting to pursue their passion and their education at the same time. Student-athletes find plenty of support across campus from their peers and from faculty in order to achieve their goals on and off the field.

For students more interested in student organizations, they will find plenty of options and a vibrant social scene within Middlebury’s many student programs. From drama club to the debate team to quirky student councils, there is almost no limit to the type of organization your student can choose to become involved with.

From Application To Career: What You'll Experience At Middlebury


In order to have a high chance of your child’s application to Middlebury being accepted, they must first have a strong foundation to work with. Make sure to work with and support your child to raise their GPA, prepare for standardized tests, and compile all their hard work into their application.


Writing a strong application essay comes down to more than merely praising the institution. Tell your child to write with sincerity and to approach the prompt from their own point of view. College admissions officials, especially those at Middlebury, have seen the essay cliches a thousand times. Honesty and clarity can go a long way toward strengthening your child’s chances.


During their college years, your child will be challenged in ways that will change them for a lifetime. The personal growth and opportunity to learn provided by their education at Middlebury is held to a high standard, and your child will be changed for the better by this unique experience. An education at Middlebury provides students with the foundation to become responsible, productive, and engaged citizens.

Your Future At Middlebury

In order to study at Middlebury College, a student needs to do more than just be engaged in the classroom. Students that have gone above and beyond, showcasing a drive to be better every day are the types of students that Middlebury loves to fill its halls with.

If your student wants to have the best chance of being admitted into Middlebury College, it’s essential that they display all their hard work. That’s where our trained team of counselors come in. WeAdmit counselors have been in your child’s shoes before, and have the tools and resources needed to guide you through the journey of college applications. Reach out today to discuss everything you can do to strengthen your child’s application to Middlebury!



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