What Does it Take to Get Into Lehigh University?

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June 4, 2020
Nestled In The Mountains, Lehigh University Goes Beyond Just A Research University To Deliver A Unique Experience…

For many students, the struggle between enjoying their college years and getting a strong education can be hard to overcome. At Lehigh University, students are encouraged to grow in all aspects of their lives, surrounded by the beauty and vibrancy of nature, community, and education.

If your student is interested in attending this renowned institution, the article below will help them tailor their application to Lehigh’s high and unique standards.

What You’ll Find In This Article

Lehigh's Ideal Student

As a passionate research university, Lehigh has built a reputation for educating leaders, visionaries, and high-achievers. The university prides itself on a commitment to educating a diverse student body, and as such, there’s no one type of perfect student. However, in order to have the best chance of acceptance, a student should aim for academic marks similar to the average incoming Lehigh student:

  • GPA: 3.85
  • ACT: 31
  • SAT: 1365

While Lehigh achieves diversity in its study body, the university still holds its students to a core set of values. These values can be traced all the way back to the university’s founder, Asa Packer, the hard-working philanthropist who came from humble beginnings to own one of the largest post-Civil War railroad companies.

If your student displays these values in their everyday life and academically, then Lehigh University may be just the place to nurture them into lifelong leaders.


At Lehigh University, students are encouraged to dedicate themselves to not only their own betterment but the betterment of the world around them. Students who showcase a record of dedication to their passions, whether that’s their academic record or extracurricular activities, are welcomed in Lehigh Valley.

  • When have you shown dedication to a cause you believed in, even when it wasn’t easy?
  • What are you drawn to dedicate your life to? How will an education at Lehigh University enable you to do this?


A sense of both personal and community responsibility runs strongly throughout Lehigh’s campus. Students are taught that they have a bigger role to play in the world around them, and are given the tools and resources needed to make real change.

  • How do you choose to get involved in your community?
  • Recall a time when you admitted to a mistake and how the experience changed you for the better.


Above all, the students at Lehigh are known for their undeterred ambition. No challenge or question is too difficult for students to take on, and thinking outside of the box is the norm. For students with a drive to succeed in everything they do, Lehigh University offers the platform they need to take their ambition from high school into the rest of their life.

  • What do you do to go above and beyond expectations?
  • What drives you to get a higher education? What drives you to attend Lehigh?


As an internationally recognized research university, Lehigh has gained a reputation for its foundational programs. These majors are designed to help students face real-world problems and come up with real-world solutions. Some of the most popular programs include:

  • Accounting
  • Information Technology
  • Psychology
  • Biology
  • English


While there is no one type of ideal student for Lehigh, it is an extremely tight-knit community of hard, ambitious young students. Rather than compete against each other, students at Lehigh work to build each other up. For those with the academic marks, passion, and drive to earn a higher education that will become the foundation for the rest of their academic and work life, Lehigh University is the place.

What You Need To Get Accepted Into Lehigh


Students can use the Common Application to apply to Lehigh University. This online web-based application simplifies the entire application process into one easy portal, and students can use one application to apply to multiple schools.

If your student will be applying to multiple schools, learning the ins and outs of the Common App can come in handy. There are two important deadlines for Lehigh University: the early decision deadline is November 1st, while the regular decision deadline is January 15th.


Students are required to submit several recommendations through the Common App portal, this includes one recommendation from a teacher of a core subject. Have your student ask their teacher for a letter of recommendation with plenty of time left before the deadline.


Students are required to submit their high school transcripts, mid-year reports, and a final report before they will be officially enrolled. Additionally, students may self-report their ACT and SAT scores but must submit official records before enrollment.


Students are required to submit both a writing supplement and answers to short-response questions. These questions are designed to help college admission officials determine if a student would be the right fit for Lehigh, so students should strive to answer the prompts honestly, with originality, and specifically for Lehigh University. If an essay response could be sent to any other research university, it isn’t specific enough.


Lehigh asks students to submit a nonrefundable $70 application fee, and this is done through the Common Application.

Lehigh University's Campus Life


Students are surrounded by dynamic life and experiences both inside and outside the classroom at Lehigh University. The picturesque campus located in Bethlehem, PA is filled with inspiring architecture and the beauty of nature. Mixed in with the traditional architecture is state of the art research labs and lecture halls where students are given access to the resources they need to succeed.


Students are invited to participate in the thriving Greek life present throughout campus. With a focus on leadership and community organization, the sororities and fraternities chartered at Lehigh University are known for their service and advocacy. Students who participate in Greek life are held to the high standard of future leaders, organizers, and public officials.


Lehigh University strives to be more than home away from home, with the rich vibrancy of the community being one of the university’s best social features. Lehigh’s innovative housing allows for a strong community aspect, yet students at Lehigh are also given the space to grow and feel at home. Students have access to a wide range of dining options beyond the traditional dining hall too, from an on-campus food truck to off-campus options in town.


Student organizations at Lehigh put in over 65,000 hours of community service every year combined, and any student who gets involved will be greeted with a new community, new opportunities, and a new way to grow during their college years. Lehigh provides its students organizations with the resources needed to help shape the next generation of leaders and creative thinkers.

In sports, the Mountain Hawks are represented well by passionate students on the court, field, and track.

From Application To Career: What You'll Experience At Lehigh


In order to increase the chances of being admitted to Lehigh University, an application will need to do more than just documenting a student’s academic record. A strong application reflects a student’s achievements, dreams, and goals through carefully selecting what information is given the most importance on the application and how the essay responses are answered.


The perfect response to the Lehigh supplemental essay is concise, yet accurate. A specific essay that is tailored to a student’s passions and goals is much better than a generic essay filled with achievements.


Throughout the time spent at Lehigh, students are given the space and support needed to grow into independent, intelligent young adults. From supportive professors and student programs to a strong academic foundation, the four years spent at Lehigh will provide a student with the university experience needed to thrive in some of the most high-stakes career fields.


As a graduate of Lehigh, students will find themselves among powerful figures like businessman Roger Penske, Martin Baron, editor of The Washington Post, and CEO William Amelio. Job placement futures for Lehigh graduates are promising, with graduates finding jobs in fields such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Finances
  • Law

Your Future At Lehigh University

Like many other universities, the bar set by admissions officials at Lehigh University is high. Because the university offers such a unique experience, many students from schools across the world apply. Students who have high academic marks are not guaranteed admission into Lehigh based on their scores alone and must take time to work on their applications as well.

Fortunately, our counselors know how to help students make the most of their college applications. Our team of experts is available to talk about your student’s Lehigh application and give our advice on how they can tailor their application to show off their ambition and talents!



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