What Does it Take to Get Into Brandeis University?

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August 27, 2020
Brandeis University Is A Heavy-Hitting Research University With A Strong Commitment To The Liberal Arts…

Students here excel not only at their academics but at learning about themselves and the world around them, all while seeking to make a positive  impact on their communities. If your student is interested in the unique opportunities provided by Brandeis and its close connections to the academic hub of Boston, read on to discover what an ideal type of student looks like at Brandeis University!

What You’ll Find In This Article

Brandeis University's Ideal Student

As a medium-sized private research university, Brandeis University has become known for its steadfast dedication to critical thinking, the liberal arts, and the qualities a student needs to become an engaged member of society. With several different schools of focus, including the notable Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis offers students a strong foundation and the ability to explore themselves and the world around them.

As such, an education at Brandeis University is highly sought after. Students applying to Brandeis should have academic and test scores that fall within these ranges for the best chances of admission:

  • GPA: 3.8
  • SAT: 1280-1500
  • ACT: 29-33

However, academics are not everything that Brandeis University takes into account when selecting their student body. A diverse and energetic mix of students from around the world call the Waltham campus home. Despite this diversity, a shared set of values sets the student body of Brandeis apart; if your student embodies any of the following values, they’ll find themselves among like-minded peers at Brandeis University.


The school’s motto is “truth even unto its innermost parts” and it instills a sense of honor and integrity across campus. If your student has a record of doing the right thing, even when it went against popular opinion, they’ll fit in perfectly at Brandeis.

  • How has your student stood up for the truth in an inconvenient situation?
  • Does your student have a record of integrity they can highlight in their application?


A sense of curiosity is a must-have at any research university, and Brandeis is no different. If your student strives to ask “why?” in every situation, finds solutions to problems others don’t see, and pursues their creative passions with enthusiasm, then they have a spirit of curiosity that would serve them well at this university.

  • Is there any point in your student’s academic or extracurricular record that displays their inner curiosity?
  • What drives your student to ask ‘why?’ and how can they properly convey this drive in their college application?


With a strong liberal arts foundation and an emphasis on community, Brandeis students are equipped with empathy for themselves, others around them, and the greater world. If your student has a history of helping those in need or offering support to their peers, their empathy will help guide their efforts at Brandeis.

  • What kind of volunteer work or community service has your student taken part in that they can highlight on their application?
  • How does your student do what they can to help those around them?


As a research university with a focus on the liberal arts, there are many different programs students can choose from. Combined with the academic strength of Brandeis University and its membership in the Boston Consortium, students have the opportunity to build a strong academic foundation that will propel them into their future careers. The most popular majors include:

  • Film and Photography
  • International Relations
  • Chemistry
  • Psychology
  • Economics


Overall, there is no one student that makes up the majority of Brandeis’ student body. Students from across the world bring their talents, passions, and unique take on life home to the Waltman campus. However, the ideal type of student is one that takes not only themselves and their education seriously, but their role in society seriously. Brandeis students are future leaders, visionaries, and policymakers. An ideal student is one with interest and aptitude in finding the truth and fighting for it, even when it isn’t the easiest option.

What You Need To Get Accepted Into Brandeis


In order to apply to Brandeis University, your student will need to complete the Common Application. Make sure they get started sooner rather than later, as the web app allows your student to save their progress at any time. This means your student can get the basic information for their application filled out well ahead of schedule and then come back later to tailor their application to the opportunities at Brandeis University.

There are two important deadlines for Brandeis applicants to remember: the early decision deadline is November 1st while the regular decision deadline is January 1st.


Your child will be required to submit an official high school transcript as well as either an ACT or SAT score. Alternatively, students may go a route where standardized tests are optional, but will be required to submit exams or graded papers from their high school instead.


Students are required to have their school submit an official report. Additionally, a letter of recommendation is required from a teacher who has taught them in a core subject. Guide your student through the steps required to ask for the perfect letter of recommendation.


There is an $80 nonrefundable application fee to apply to Brandeis University.

Brandeis University's Campus Life


Just a few miles outside of Boston, Brandeis University sits in a hub of academia and opportunity for students. The campus has a vibrant feel, yet there are still centers where students can go for inspiration and peace, like the Rose Art Museum and The Brandeis Library. Across campus, students will find resource centers, historic facilities, and support services to guide their learning.


78% of students choose to live on campus throughout all four years at Brandeis University. Residence halls range from traditional options for underclassmen to apartment-style options for upperclassmen. Students are guaranteed housing for their first four semesters on campus. The food options for students range from the traditional cafeteria-style option to on-campus cafes, coffee shops, and convenience stops. The school itself is connected to the greater Boston area by rail, which makes getting off-campus easy; alternatively, students can walk across campus and downtown Walton is less than half an hour away on foot.


With nearly twenty musical and comedy organizations on campus as well as a variety of other student groups, including a notable national debate team, Brandeis offers a quality selection of student organizations to get involved in. Regardless of what interests your student has outside the classroom, they are bound to find an outlet at Brandeis!

In sports, the Brandeis Judges have nearly twenty teams in their Division III varsity program. Outside of varsity sports, there are plenty of intramural and club sports that students can become involved in to play their passions and stay fit.

From Application To Career: What You'll Experience At Brandeis


In your application to Brandeis University, it’s important that you tailor your highlights and experience to what Brandeis values and offers. If you could send your application to any other research university, it isn’t specific enough. Make sure your extracurricular activities and record of achievements reflect who you are as a student, rather than what you imagine the ideal Brandeis student is.


The sharpest essay is one that answers the prompt completely while putting your best foot forward. Admissions officials aren’t looking for a template essay, and want to hear what your unique voice and vision sound like. Make sure your essay reads clearly, however, because the perfect essay is one that has been revised several times to make your point as clear as possible.


During your college years at Brandeis University, you will experience and learn far more than you ever thought possible. The vibrant campus and close connection to the academic hub of Boston are just the starting points; throughout your four years on campus, you’ll learn from some of the top professors in the nation, experience a rigorous liberal arts education, and encounter like-minded peers and faculty that will support you through these years of critical personal growth.


Your future as an alumnus of Brandeis University looks promising; you’ll be in an elite group including Pulitzer Prize winners Margo Jefferson, David Kertzer, and Thomas Friedman. Outcomes look bright with employment in the following fields:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Finance & Banking
  • Consulting
  • Science & Research
  • Advertising & PR

Your Future At Brandeis University

Overall, your student has the best chance of being admitted to Brandeis University if their academics are in order and their application tells a strong story about what they can bring to this university!

However, some students may find that their applications need extra help. If your student is struggling or needs advice with their Brandeis application, please reach out to our experienced WeAdmit counselors. Our team is here to help your child succeed and get into college, no matter if that means providing help with the financial aid process or walking them through writing an essay step by step. We would love to help your student tailor their application and essay to Brandeis University!



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