The 6 Skills Students Need to Master for College Applications

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November 10, 2020
Every Year, A New Batch Of Students Approach The College Application Process For The First Time…

Many students begin preparing for application season months in advance, often aimlessly clicking through college websites and daydreaming about what life will be like once they’re in college. However, this time can be better spent practicing skills that will help them master their college applications, while also getting a head start on the“adult life skills” that they’ll need to thrive in college.

In this article, we’ll cover the most important skills students can start practicing now and how they can get started.

Preparing For College Application Season

The best time to start preparing for college application season will vary from student to student, but a general rule is to start seriously preparing six months before applications are due. This gives students plenty of time to create good habits that will last, propelling them through application season and through the rest of their senior year. However, starting earlier can allow students to work on their skills at a more relaxed pace.

There are many ways that students can prepare for college application season beyond simply gathering their paperwork and sharpening their pencils for the ACT or SAT. By focusing on building skills, your child will feel more confident when it comes time to fill out the applications themselves. Even if applications are due in just a few weeks, if your student can work these skills into their life, they can still see the benefits.

The 6 Skills Students Need When Applying To College


In order to successfully research their college choices and fill out all their applications before the deadlines, students need a good grasp of time management. One way they can start to immediately work on this important life skill is by determining what their priorities should be with the time they have left in high school. Do their grades need work? Maybe their test scores? How would they need to manage their time differently to improve them?

Once application season rolls around, your student will be thankful they know how to properly manage their time in order to get everything done on time.


A solid set of research skills will be invaluable both during application season and during your student’s college years. If your student knows how to sit down and research a topic, whether it’s paying for student loans or determining which colleges offer their desired major, it will make their life much easier overall. Being able to focus on what they’re learning, take notes if needed, and base decisions on what they learn are extremely useful skills for students to know.

Make sure your student knows to gather information from a variety of trusted sources while digging deeper than flashy headlines. Knowing how to spot misinformation and misleading statistics will be beneficial during their research into which college they should attend, as well as in their adult life.


Knowing how to budget is a skill that will help your child maximize their education through more informed financial choices. The art of “balancing a checkbook” may seem foreign to today’s students, but knowing how to give every dollar a purpose and stick to a budget can start showing benefits as soon as they apply for college. If they only have $300 to pay their application fees, they’ll need to pick and choose applications wisely or apply for application fee waivers. Same with paying for an apartment while in college, budgeting for textbooks costs, or planning a weekend out.

Knowing how personal finance works before they set out on their own will make both the college application process and their adult life much less stressful!


Networking is a skill that many young adults excel at once given a bit of guidance. Knowing how to interact with peers and older adults in a professional, yet casual way is a skill that will take a student far in both their college applications and college years. With virtual and written communication more prevalent than ever, being able to communicate clearly is increasingly important to build a strong network. You never know which connection may prove crucial in landing an internship, position in an organization, or even a job!


If your student can stay organized during a hectic rush to finish all their college applications on time, they can stay organized through pretty much anything. Every person has a different organization system that works for them, and many of us even organize different areas of our life differently. Encourage your child to start getting their life organized, as it will serve them well in the long run.


Writing is arguably one of the most useful skills your student can learn, both for college application season and their entire education. Whether it’s writing an email or an essay, your student will spend hours typing away at keys or bent over a piece of paper as they earn their degree. Improving their writing skills as they go through high school is an excellent way to maximize their time, their grades, and their chances of being accepted to their dream college!

College Applications Can Be Simple

If your student starts preparing for college application season well in advance, they can rest assured that applying to college won’t be as scary as it seems. After all, students who manage their time, stay organized, and communicate effectively will have the easiest time during application season. Fortunately, it’s never too late for your child to start working on these critical life skills. Not only will they help them during application season and college, but these lessons will be used for the rest of their life too!

Of course, if your child is struggling to master these skills in preparation of application season, our WeAdmit counselors would love to hear from you. Our team of experts are standing by to help your student on their way to their dream college; so if there’s anything your student needs help with, make sure to let us know!



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