How School Closures Could Affect Your College Future

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March 20, 2020

Probably the most recent development from the coronavirus is a slew of unexpected school closures. If this is your senior or junior year of high school, an unexpected school closure combined with changed college application deadlines could potentially throw off your plans to prepare for college.

Thankfully, many high schools and colleges are taking a very cautious approach to dealing with this situation, and you should too. With the right resources, there are plenty of ways you can stay on track along your path to college, even in the midst of this uncertainty.

If a school closure in your area has occurred due to the coronavirus outbreak, keep reading to find out how you can stay on track and develop flexibility as your college plans change.

What You’ll Find In This Article:

What Is The Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Unfortunately, a lot of misinformation about COVID-19 is being circulated on everything from the social media to even the nightly news. Many outlets have several different conflicting sources, and as new information comes out it can spread and be taken out of context very quickly. The best way to understand why the coronavirus outbreak is affecting schools and businesses is by understanding the virus itself.

Coronaviruses are a large network of respiratory viruses, and it has been confirmed that this particular outbreak originated in China. The virus is common in both humans and a broad range of animals like cattle, camels, cats, and bats. The outbreak’s origin, WuHan, is a hub for live animal and seafood markets, which is likely its connection to the spread of COVID-19.

Some common symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, coughing, and shortness of breath; these symptoms typically surface 1-2 weeks after initial exposure to the virus. The people who are most at risk of the Coronavirus are the elderly, infants, and people with already weakened immune systems. Fortunately, for younger and otherwise healthy individuals, the virus’ symptoms tend to be mild; though that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be cautious, as even young people can become very sick.

Why the coronavirus has sparked drastic measures is due to that 1-2 week gap between being infected and seeing symptoms. In the early weeks of the outbreak and before the Center for Disease Control offered suggestions, many students and workers chose to continue on with their social lives, and ultimately, increased their chances of being exposed to the virus and later spreading it to others.

Why Are Schools Closing Over COVID-19?

People continuing to attend school or work while unknowingly carrying the virus is a big reason why it has spread so quickly, and it’s also why many schools have decided to close; either temporarily or for the rest of the semester. By keeping students at home, school administrators believe that they will be preventing students from possibly bringing the virus home to family members who are elderly or have at-risk immune systems.

In other words, schools are closing to prevent their buildings from becoming breeding grounds for COVID-19. If this is the case for your school, you may not know how long you’ll have to stay home. However, during this time, the general population’s health is more important than anything else. Fortunately, while school closures may affect your school year, they don’t have to affect your progress. As you’re waiting at home, there are plenty of ways you can stay on top of your school work and your college application process!

How Will The Coronavirus School Closures Affect You?

One of the first resources that may be affected by the coronavirus outbreak is your access to your school counselor, support systems, and classes.

To compensate for this change, many schools may shift to online learning platforms. While this may be different from anything you’re used to, this is a great opportunity for you to grow stronger in your self-discipline and independence.

With just a little bit of self-starter energy, you can stay on top of your college applications; everything is done online, so all you need is your internet connection and a little bit of will power.

If you’re a junior, this is a good time to get familiar with the Common App, the main application platform you’ll be using to complete most of your college applications. Also, learn about the FAFSA and start gathering all the information you’ll need to start applying for financial aid. Of course, continue studying your textbooks, doing your homework, and hanging on to your class materials because you never know when you’ll need them next. Practice your essay writing skills by using any of the College Board’s countless resources and stay mentally active. Even if you don’t have to worry about maintaining a GPA when you return to school, don’t let this break affect your momentum!

If you’re a senior preparing for college in the fall, you’ll definitely want to continue working on your plan to obtain financial aid. If you’re still concerned about your future place in college, don’t hesitate to reach out to your college administrators and inquire about how the virus is affecting their plans for the fall. They may be able to give you some information on how to prepare for your first semester in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak.

Above all, remember that you’re not alone in this; thousands of other high school seniors and juniors are getting ready for college in the near future. We’re all in this together, and as long as everyone takes the appropriate measures to deal with COVID-19, we can still support each other through these unexpected closures!

Be Prepared, Stay Flexible, And Don't Panic

If your school has recently closed due to the coronavirus outbreak, the most important thing to do is avoid panicking. Nothing good ever happens in the midst of panic; educate yourself about the virus through respected sources like the Center for Disease Control or Duke Health.

Once you understand the ins and outs of COVID-19 and why school administrators think it's wise to initiate school closures, you’re free to make a plan to stay on track. Stay up to date with your classwork, and continue to work on college applications or financial aid plans.

Dealing with sudden change like this isn’t easy, so you might also consider reaching out to helpful resources like WeAdmit’s professional counselors. We’d love to help you stay on track with your college plan! In addition to helpful counseling services, take advantage of WeAdmit’s limited time offer of 50% off our course fees for students affected by school closures due to the coronavirus.

Some of the most respected medical teams in the U.S. are working hard to stop the spread of COVID-19. While it seems like the world is standing still, know that everyone is in this together.

Don’t Panic; Just Keep Working Towards Your Goals While You're On This Unexpected Break!



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