We're Slashing Our Prices in Response to COVID-19

Application Strategies
March 16, 2020

Just a week ago, the recent Coronavirus outbreak was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. As a result of its rapid spread, colleges and high schools across the US have closed to try to protect both students and teachers, as well as their families. While this is absolutely the right choice, it does leave many students in a tricky situation; graduation is on the horizon, so how can students continue working toward their college dreams without their school to support them?

That’s where remote learning comes in.

Thanks to our fully online team, WeAdmit will continue working throughout the shutdowns. Not only will this allow us to keep supporting students and their parents on their journey towards college admission, but it will also allow us to provide stable jobs for counselors and others who would otherwise be unable to work.

To further help students and their parents in this difficult time, we’re also slashing prices on our college counseling program through April 30th. The first 300 students to sign up for our immersive, end-to-end college admissions coaching will receive 50% off our normal program fees as part of this price cut.

Ultimately, as difficult as these shutdowns are, they don’t have to put life on hold.

Through remote learning programs like ours, students can continue working towards their college dreams. To learn more, set up a free consultation with one of our professional counselors or check out our press release about the price cut here.

Additionally, we are completely waiving our program fees for 10 students through our WeAdmit Grant Program. If you’re enthusiastic about your college future and ready to make a change in the world, then this grant is for you.

And Of Course, Stay Safe!



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