4 Online College Counseling Companies You Can Work With From Home

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April 2, 2020
As Covid-19 Changes The Way Colleges Handle Admission, The Insight Of A College Counselor Becomes Increasingly Valuable…

With many colleges, universities, and high schools across the globe closing to help combat the spread of the coronavirus, students are left with many more questions than answers. As the virus sweeps the globe, the news regarding college applications and admissions is changing faster than many students can keep up. This is where college counselors are proving to be a valuable investment.

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can work with an online college counselor to stay on track with your future dreams and plans in these uncertain times!

What You’ll Find In This Article

Why Do You Need An Online College Counselor?

As the coronavirus (Covid-19) spreads across the globe and the United States, federal, state, and local government officials have taken action to help prevent the spread of this viral disease. Across the country, students looking toward college are now full of questions and uncertainty

Colleges and universities across the country have closed in an effort to “flatten the curve.” These crucial preventative measures are designed to slow the spread of Covid-19 so that we have enough space, supplies, and health care professionals to treat those who become sick.

By staying home, you are doing your part to ease the strain Covid-19 will place on your country’s healthcare system. Follow the recommendations of your state and local governments and be careful of sensationalist headlines, fearful social media posts, or television hosts pushing fear or panic in the face of uncertainty. If you’re being asked to stay home from school, learn about how school closures may affect your college future, and stay calm; all of this will pass eventually, so your focus right now should be on staying safe and continuing to learn.

Being asked to stay home from school doesn’t mean you can’t actively work on your future. From reading books to researching colleges, there are many things you can do to prepare for your college education. Reaching out to an online college counselor is one of the best ways you can equip yourself to face the uncertainty of the future.

The Benefits Of All-Online College Counseling

As the college application process changes in the coming months in response to the pandemic, your online college counselor will be able to help you keep up with all the changes, identify rumors and misinformation, and find the resources and news you need to make informed choices about your higher education.

Online college counselors are just as frustrated as you are with the constantly changing situation. However, they have the skills, dedication, and network to find information regarding the ACT, SAT, college application deadlines, and college tours from reliable sources. With so much misinformation, rumor, and panic spreading like wildfire across social media and the nightly news, a college counselor can wade through the panic to find the truth that affects your college plans.

In addition, many face-to-face meetings are being discouraged by state and local governments enacting “stay at home” measures.

Thankfully, online-based college counselors aren’t bound to an office, and they’re not new to the world of working from home. Your meetings with an online counselor won’t feel jarringly out of place, as they have experience using all the technology that makes communicating online feel personal and professional.

Combined with the fact that you can connect with a counselor from anywhere in the world whenever you need them, the availability and flexibility of online college counselors are some of the greatest benefits you can take advantage of as a student facing uncertainty.

The 4 Best Online College Counseling Companies Around

As with traditional college counselors, there are many aspects that go into a good relationship between a student and a counselor. One of the most important aspects is the company the counselor works for, which sets the tone and program for the entire relationship.

In order for students to get the most out of their relationship with their counselor, they should look for the counseling company whose counselors and programs are designed to help students like them. Some companies focus on Ivy League students, whereas other companies focus on helping students find colleges that match their skills and passions.


Crimson Education has one goal: to help students get into their dream university. Their program is designed for students aiming for the most competitive schools no matter what. Through creating a team of advisors and tutors for each student, they’ve helped students earn over 200 offers to Ivy League schools. With a six-year track record of proven results, Crimson is a solid choice for students looking toward the top schools in the nation.


For students simply overwhelmed with the entire college application process, Empowerly seeks to do just what their name implies: empower you with the tools and team you need to get through your college applications. With a sleek digital platform and a personalized team of admission experts, this company is great for students looking for extra support in times of stress or uncertainty. Their 2019 class is currently attending a range of institutions from Johns Hopkins to Stanford.


CollegeVine offers students access to a wide variety of free resources and tools to help them on their way toward college. Students who use their guidance platform can receive help with nearly every detail of the college process, starting with the ability to save and edit a school list right within their platform. CollegeVine is a good fit for students who want maximum control and minimum guidance while still receiving many of the benefits of bringing in an online counselor.


Here at WeAdmit, we start by working with each student to develop a personalized team of three college counselors. These counselors come from all walks of life and feature a lineup of alumni from Berkley, Cornell, Stanford, and other top-tier institutions. Weekly check-ins provide students with a sense of normalcy and guidance in these unsettled times while also keeping their grades, studying habits, and applications on track.

However, we know that college admissions (and the journey of attending college itself) are about more than just test scores and your GPA. Our counselors help students find where their passions, dreams, and goals align to pair them with the right college and major program. Our program is designed for the high achievers, the dreamers, and every type of student in-between, no matter what your future holds!

How Online College Counseling Can Keep You On Track

The current global uncertainty does not mean you have to forgo planning for your future. While Covid-19 is a serious illness that requires everyone to do their part to slow the spread, this is a pandemic that the world can recover from physically, emotionally, and economically.

Still, it’s completely normal to feel out of sorts during a global crisis.

From confusion to fear, you may feel many negative emotions when you think about your future. This is where a college counselor can help you stay on track. A professional online college counselor will help steer you away from the worst-case-scenarios and empower you with the facts, data, and information you need to make good choices in this stressful time.

Our WeAdmit counselors know that sometimes all it can take to feel prepared is a conversation. Our counselors are available 24/7 to answer your questions, and there’s no need to schedule face-to-face meetings or start long email chains. If you’re worried about how you’ll prepare for the changes to standardized testing, college tours, or anything else, please reach out to our counselors for a free (and completely remote) consultation!

We’re Here To Help You Through These Rapidly Changing Times!



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