Apply to be a WeAdmit College Coach.

WeAdmit offers seamless online college admissions consulting to aspiring college students.

As a WeAdmit College Coach, you will assist high school juniors and seniors with every aspect of their college applications.

You will guide students to explore their passions and academic interests, offer them insight into the college experience, edit their essays, and more. You will work closely with a professional college counselor who will verify your work and provide insight where appropriate.

This position is fully remote!

  • Competitive hourly pay with bonuses
  • Flexible schedule
  • Preferred tutoring/teaching experience
  • Preferred college admissions/applications experience
  • Current undergraduates enrolled in a 4-year college

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We prefer College Coaches to have a capacity of 5-10 hours per week. On average, each client is equivalent to 0.5-3 hours of work per week during non-peak season (January to August) and 2-5 hours per week during peak season (September to December). College Coaches typically have 3-5 students depending on their availability.

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College Coaches support high schoolers from their Junior Spring through their Senior Fall when the college application process completes.

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Talk about your own applications as well as any time that you helped another person with their applications (including essay review).

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