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Supercharge your college application essays.

Hybrid course combining 4-week immersive boot camp and private essay revisions.

Essays are a crucial piece of the college application puzzle. They’re how admissions officers get to know who you are, and how you’d fit into the college of your choice. With this interactive online program, you'll learn the secrets of writing a winning essay from top admissions experts, alongside fellow high school students in a group setting. Then, our admissions experts will work with you privately to review and edit your essays until they’re ready to wow the decision makers at your perfect-fit college.

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Sep 10, 2022

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Sep 6, 2022

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Agnes L.


WeAdmit helped our daughter tackle her college search and applications. She was hitting a lot of road blocks and felt overwhelmed.

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Inderjeet S.


The WeAdmit Method guided my child to prepare for essays in a systematic way. My child liked her College Coach because he was responsive to my daughter all the time!

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Ruka S.


WeAdmit helped me explore my future possibilities, turn my dreams into goals, and take paths unique to myself. Having two counselors was especially valuable.

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Agnes L.


WeAdmit helped our daughter tackle her college search and applications. She was hitting a lot of road blocks and felt overwhelmed.

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Sammi S.

New York

WeAdmit has given me the confidence, guidance and push I need to get my college applications done in the least stressful manner possible.

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Melissa C.

North Carolina

We were very pleased with the program. My daughter received the help she needed and more information than I would have been able to give her.

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Madhuri S.


My daughter’s college applications were a breeze once my family joined WeAdmit. We loved the structured program and hands-on essay support.

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Doing it yourself doesn’t have to mean doing it alone.

This hybrid course combining group and private counseling gives you the expert guidance and community support to deliver compelling storytelling through your essays.

Understand what colleges are looking for.

Find out what makes you stand out. You’ll see the essay evaluation process through an admissions officer’s eyes, and learn the key features of successful essays to help improve your odds for acceptance.

Connect with like-minded students.

It’s often true that students in the same high school are competing for spots at highly selective colleges. Here, high schoolers can openly collaborate and connect with each other, free of competition.

College application essays done right.

The road to your perfect-fit college is lined with critical decisions, from selecting a Common App Personal Statement essay prompt to choosing the best topics for each supplemental essay. We begin by teaching you highly effective writing frameworks for each stage of the essay-writing process, and then our admissions experts will work with you one-on-one to write essays that will open the doors to the college of your dreams.

Guided by the best
in the nation.

Gone are the days of being limited to the college counselors in your area. With WeAdmit, you’ll tap into a nationwide network of counselors with excellent track records at top schools.


Admissions expert with an emphasis on BS/MD programs. Harvard University, MLA.


Worked at admissions offices at Stanford, Santa Clara, and Notre Dame. Santa Clara University, MA.


Admissions expert with an ample track record of Ivy League school acceptances. University of Miami, BBM.


20+ years of counseling experience; originally worked as a high school counselor. California State University, MS.


Veteran admissions expert volunteers as an alumni interviewer for Dartmouth College. Cornell University, Ph.D.


Former financial aid counselor at La Salle University. La Salle University, MBA.


Led a financial aid consulting firm focusing on college scholarships for 20 years. Long Island University, BS.


CEO and co-founder of WeAdmit. University of Michigan, MBA.


Program Director at WeAdmit. Stanford University, BA.


Current Columbia University student majoring in Applied Mathematics with a Political Science Minor.


Current Brown University student double-concentrating in Economics and Computer Science.


Current Georgetown University student majoring in Government, with a focus on environmental issues.

You’ve found us
at just the right time.

This program is designed for rising high school seniors who plan to tackle college application essay writing on their own.

Working on the first draft.

Whether you’re just starting the ideation and preliminary drafting process, or you find yourself stuck with the storytelling, we can help you elevate the quality and efficiency of your college application essays.

Rising seniors.

College application high season comes the first half of senior year, but it’s never too late to get on the right path.


Not sure you want to shell out for expensive private counselors—or for cheap proofreading that has little impact? WeAdmit gives you structured guidance to write powerful essays capably and confidently.

How it works.

This program begins with a four-week essay writing bootcamp to equip students with crucial writing skills and proven storytelling frameworks. Then, we switch to essay edit support on a private basis until it’s time to submit.
Kick Off Date
June 11, 2022
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Essay Writing Boot Camp (4 weeks)
End Date
December 31, 2022
10 credits
Private essay edits

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College Essay Boot Camp

Applications are now open for Cohort 2, starting Sep 10, 2022. We carefully choose students who are ready to contribute and collaborate with an open mind alongside fellow students.

Kick Off Date:

Sep 10, 2022

Application Deadline:

Sep 6, 2022


Tuesdays, at 4 pm ET / 1 pm PT

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Our counselors deliver students to top colleges

Program overview.

Our streamlined digital curriculum and rich learning experiences enable you to gain deep insights and tangible results on an accelerated timeline.


Master five proven writing frameworks.

College admissions officers can spot a great essay from the very first sentence. Learn how to grab their interest from the get-go through five proven writing frameworks—from systematic essay topic ideation to signposting to successfully crafting a hook. Don’t waste another minute writing without these methodologies to guide you.


Identify the best topic for Common App essays.

A successful personal statement begins with choosing the right prompt and corresponding topic that best illustrates you. We will teach you how to map out your experience and determine the best storyline for the chosen prompt.

Tackle Early Action/Early Decision supplemental essays.

The importance of applying early cannot be overstated. Learn how to analyze what each essay prompt expects of you, and ensure your voice resonates with admissions officers as powerfully as possible.

Strategize supplemental essay writing for Regular Round.

Your chances of admission at your dream schools depend largely on how well you allocate your time and writing resources. Follow our guidance on how to effectively manage content and time pressures.


Private, one-on-one essay reviews.

Now that you’ve learned the skills and strategies for writing a winning essay, it’s time to put them into practice. After the four-week bootcamp has wrapped up, you’ll co-write essays with our admissions experts to fully prepare you for the next step—submitting your college essays.

A modern, interactive learning approach
that includes…

Live workshops
1-on-1 coaching
Group projects
Breakout sessions
Social events
Resource library

The WeAdmit Method

WeAdmit is an internet-native life booster that is transforming the way people learn remotely. We help learners build a personalized life path that is grounded in self-knowledge and informed by real world expertise. Using emerging technologies, WeAdmit makes it possible for immersive in-person learning experiences to happen fully online in a way that is fast, fun, affordable, purposeful, and driven by results.

Purpose Driven.

Our curriculums are built around objectives, rather than techniques. With WeAdmit, learners will look inward to discover the purpose and passion to envision their future pathways—from their perfect-fit college all the way to a rewarding and satisfying career.

Deep Expertise.

WeAdmit is the first counseling service to create a science around the transition from college to career. That has been our passion since day one, and we have assembled a strong team of experts from around the nation to support that end goal.

Community Based.

Cohort-based learning has been shown to produce better outcomes. We’ve built our entire learning experience around community, and with the rise of remote collaboration tools, it’s easier and more effective than ever.

Results Focused.

Our focus is on delivering tangible tools that help you put your dreams into action. We build programs that draw a straight line between getting into college and getting a job offer, and we provide the inspiration and guidance to make it happen.

Accelerated Learning.

We know how busy you are. As one of the pioneers of cohort-based learning, we use state-of-the-art methodologies that allow you to absorb new knowledge and skills in a shorter period of time.

Lifetime Access.

In this fast-paced world, information can quickly become obsolete. We provide you with unlimited lifetime access to our resource library, where you can catch up with the very latest information as you move through the application process.

Apply for
College Essay Boot Camp

Applications are now open for Cohort 2, starting Sep 10, 2022. We carefully choose students who are ready to contribute and collaborate with an open mind alongside fellow students.

Kick Off Date:

Sep 10, 2022

Application Deadline:

Sep 6, 2022


Tuesdays, at 4 pm ET / 1 pm PT

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When are the live sessions?

Sessions are held on Sunday afternoons for four weeks. We strongly recommend that you attend all of the live sessions, but we also record them so you can catch up later if you need to miss one.

Weekly Schedule:
June 11
June 18
June 25
July 2

All sessions begin at 4 p.m. Eastern / 1 p.m. Pacific and last approximately 1.5 hours.

Private essay review sessions begin after the four-week bootcamp has completed.

What is the time commitment?

Expect two–four hours per week, including live workshops, pre-workshop assignments, group projects, social gatherings, and more. We deeply understand how busy you are, so we have designed this curriculum to be as streamlined as possible while still delivering effective results.

As a cohort-based learning experience, you will be paired with fellow participants and expected to be part of the collaboration process with the entire learning community. Due to this approach, we encourage only students who can commit the necessary time and involvement to apply. If you don’t think you have the time right now, we plan to launch the next cohort in a few months.

What is the cost?

$795. You will pay the program fee after your application is accepted.

How does private essay review work?

WeAdmit essay reviews work on a credit system, with each essay that we review counting as one credit. You will receive 10 essay review credits when you enroll in the College Essay Boot Camp, and how you use them is completely up to you.

For example: If you apply to Stanford and want us to review the "Why Stanford?" and "What Matters To You Most and Why?" prompts, you will use two essay credits. If you'd like a second review of your "Why Stanford?" essay after implementing our suggested edits, that will count as another credit. (In this example, you will consume three essay credits in total.) Clarifying our comments and suggestions via written communication is free of charge.

Why do I need to submit an application?

To ensure the quality of learning is high for all participants, we are looking for students who have a collaborative mindset and are able to commit to the necessary time for the duration of the cohort. Even though we do offer a structured curriculum and learning materials, we put an equal importance on the level of engagement of participating students. To this end, please expect that we might ask you for a quick phone call as part of the application process.

Is this a fully online program?

Yes. We are a 100% online-based counseling company that has operated fully remotely since its inception. We have invested in a seamless user experience online, so that you can smoothly kickstart your learning without being tech-savvy at all. We will use Zoom, Slack, and other remote communication tools.

How long will I have access to the platform?

As long as you like! You can revisit the study materials and live session recordings indefinitely.

What is WeAdmit?

WeAdmit is an online-based life booster for young people. With the goal of helping young people achieve long-term career success, we begin by first guiding them to their perfect-fit college and major. We have helped hundreds of students through our private/semi-private counseling programs for the last four years, and have now developed this community-based learning program using cutting-edge learning methodologies. Supported by our true industry experts, you will maximize your understanding of the admissions process to guide you to your perfect-fit college and beyond.